Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pictures from past events

If you haven't yet seen the pictures from the MAD SCIENTIST PARTY-  click on this link to go to the Marshall Public Library Facebook page.  Jamie, our Circulation Supervisor and Adult Reader's Advisor, took some awesome pictures as well as being a tremendous amount of help to Kathyrn (Children's Librarian) and myself.

AND we had our last Interactive Physics Demonstration courtesy of the ISU Physics Dept.  We ended our evening with LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM!  If you didn't have some of this awesome concoction.....You.Missed.Out.  See YA @ Your Library-  Kath Ann 


Anonymous said...

Loooks like fun

Anonymous said...

i loved it this demo was awesome it was the best one yet!

Anonymous said...

the ice cream was amazing!!!!